Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ)
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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is our foundation. With a legacy dating back to 2000, our instruction is perfect for everyone from beginner to world champion competitor. IBJJA is a one of the most prestigious academies in the Midwest, offering unique training methods you won’t find anywhere else.

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What is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a grappling-based martial art with an emphasis on ground fighting. BJJ has long been established as the most effective self-defense system in the world and is now a popular international competitive sport. Sometimes referred to as “the gentle art”, BJJ uses technique and leverage to take the fight to the ground, secure dominant positioning, and end an altercation by applying joint-locks and chokes to defeat potentially bigger and stronger opponents.

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Benefits of BJJ

Self Defense


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has solidified its reputation as the ultimate martial art for self-defense. Its effectiveness was famously showcased by Royce Gracie during the inaugural UFC event in 1993, where he highlighted that a smaller, apparently weaker fighter could consistently conquer a larger and stronger adversary.

This feat is achieved through the intricate interplay of grappling, positioning, leverage, skill, and technique. Even today, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu remains the most practical and highly sought-after self-defense system globally, making it an ideal choice for individuals of all ages, especially women and children.



Training BJJ is an excellent aerobic and anaerobic exercise that improves cardio, strength, speed, endurance, and flexibility. Jiu-Jitsu is great for reducing body fat and increasing muscle tone, and it’s a fun way to get into shape or improve athletic conditioning.

There is no need to get in "better shape" before trying any of our programs! No matter where you are in your physical fitness journey, BJJ is a fun and exciting way to help you achieve your goals!

Character Building


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu serves as a powerful tool for strengthening confidence, self-control, and discipline. It inspires a wellness-oriented lifestyle, naturally motivating individuals to make health-positive choices. At IBJJA, we are dedicated to nurturing a growth mindset in our students, an attribute that can profoundly enrich anyone's life. Many of our students attribute their well-being and achievements to the invaluable lessons they've acquired on the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu mat.


Our BJJ Program

Photo of James Clingerman and Master Anibal Braga

Fundamentals First

Headed by Coach James Clingerman (4th-Degree Black Belt under Master Anibal Braga, 8th-Degree Red/White Coral Belt), the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program includes elements of Wrestling, Judo, Sambo, and Submission Grappling.

Our renowned BJJ Program is characterized by its dual focus. We offer a comprehensive fundamental curriculum to build a strong foundation, and we're recognized for introducing advanced techniques found nowhere else. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced student, our academy caters to your skill level, ensuring that you receive world-class instruction to excel in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

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BJJ Foundation

IBJJA is the home of BJJ Foundation, the world's most comprehensive system of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Fundamentals. This world-class curriculum is designed to develop a strong foundation of Jiu-Jitsu techniques, which are essential for self-defense and sport competition. We also teach advanced techniques, concepts, and systems which are not taught anywhere else in the world.

Click the link to learn more about BJJ Foundation. Membership access is now available to all new IBJJA members.

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Kids' BJJ
Discipline, Confidence, Integrity

Our Kids' BJJ Program is about more than self-defense; it's a character-building platform where resilience, discipline, and life skills take center stage. By grappling with the challenges of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, children learn to conquer obstacles with tenacity, skills that extend well beyond the mat, preparing them to navigate life's challenges with confidence. Learn more about the Kids' BJJ Classes by clicking the button below.

Kids' BJJ


Whether you're looking for self defense, competition training, or just a good workout, this is the place to be. It's not just a gym- it's a family. If you're in the Indy area, I highly recommend checking out Indiana Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy!
Nikki Sullivan (Andre Galvao Black Belt)
If you want a safe, fun, and challenging way to get in shape and challenge your mind then you should try out BJJ for a few weeks. The people and environment at IBJJA is very safe, fun, family friendly, and yet still serious about teaching and training top notch Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. My 9 year old son and I started going a little less than a year ago and both love the school and all the coaches.
Justin Clements
IBJJA is the BEST gym in Greenwood, IN. James Clingerman and the people who train at IBJJA are great people with excellent, competition tested Jiu-Jitsu. James is an extremely knowledgeable instructor.
Samantha Valkenhaus

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