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"After being involved in different arts over the years, I have found that training in BJJ for a period of only a few months was a greater lesson than 3 years at the generic strip mall arts, which never deal with the reality of true self-defense."Ryan Tierney – Washington Township Fire Department
“I trained with James Clingerman for almost two years and as a 2nd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, it was all I could do to keep up with him while sparring stand up. He also taught me other stand up fighting techniques that I would have NEVER learned in TKD. After his classes, I truly felt more confident if ever confronted on the street. Also, he integrated philosophy with his training, so I came away with a mental component, as well as physical. James is well suited to teach others to be well rounded in martial arts, in every aspect. He is a true professional in every sense of the word.”Rob Hawks – 2nd Degree Tae Kwon Do Black Belt
“Whether you want to be a NHB fighter, or just enjoy a new hobby James would be the perfect instructor. James is a natural who definitely has the experience, patience and skill to teach a variety of different people. He is incredibly talented and hard working. As a woman in the martial arts, I appreciate finding an instructor who treats me with respect. James always challenges me to my limits, he would let me test my strength and skill without simply using his own strength to shut me down. I’m honored to count James among my teachers!”Trudee Klautky Ph.D. – Molecular Biologist
“After spending over five years studying a traditional Japanese style Jujutsu (and receiving a black belt), I went to try out a free class James offered me and some friends from my old school. I can not begin to tell you the difference in the techniques he was teaching and what I thought I knew. I had never rolled with someone who could totally control me and shut down my offense the way James did. And the odd part was, more often then not, I didn’t even see his finishing moves coming. If you have not heard about James Clingerman yet, just wait, you will!”Jullian Zzenith – Jujutsu Black Belt
“Mr. Clingerman far exceeds the goal he has set for himself and his students. It is simply the best Mixed Martial Arts instruction I have ever had! I drive 1 hour and 50 minutes one way, passing many other Martial Arts schools, because I feel he is the best instructor, period!”Jay Martin – Cage Rage Veteran, Hook ‘N’ Shoot Veteran
“James helped me to understand that BJJ was about movement and flow. I started out thinking that it was all power. Now I know otherwise. I highly recommend James and his art to anyone who wants to excel at NHB or any type of self defense. He is a serious specimen with uncompromising skill. I have learned so much from James that it permeates every facet of my life; from fight promoter, to fighter, to manager to, addictions counselor, and so on. BJJ is a guide for me in my day to day living. I think of situations that I could better hone my skills and be more of the person that I am due to its wonderful transformation of the human psyche, physique and spirit.”Chad H. Wagoner – Animal House Fighting Systems, HPK Productions, CW Enterprises Inc.
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