Colosseum Combat with Team James Clingerman

We had a great time last night at Colosseum Combat with Team James Clingerman!

Colosseum Combat is by far one of the top MMA shows in Indiana.  Mark Slater puts on a class act event that is not only full of great match ups, but is also family friendly.  There were kids of all ages there enjoying the fights in safe and exciting environment.

Team James Clingerman had 4 fighters in all compete last night at Colosseum Combat.

We started off with Coach Matt Perry in what may turn out to be his last Amateur fight. ¬†Matt fought a great hard fight that went all three rounds. ¬†In the end he won a Unanimous Decision! ¬†It was a great, very exciting fight! ¬†My only complaint is that they got stood up while Matt was locking up a Von Flue Choke. ¬†The lesson here is not only will your opponent not see it coming, but sometime a ref won’t either…..

Coach Josh Kinser was our first Pro Fighter of the night. ¬†This is a great example of someone sticking to their gameplan. ¬†Josh did exactly what he was suppose to, and knocked the guy out in 13 seconds!!! ¬†It was also some of the best follow up that I’ve seen. ¬†A lot of fighters tend to get a little frozen after they blast someone, but Josh jumped right on him and finished the job.

Up next was our resident Dr – Pro Fighter and Bodog Vet David “The Doctor” Love. ¬†He fought Dustin “The Beast” Neace who is the Title Holder for Colosseum Combat at 145lbs. ¬†David, who just got his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt on January 1st, beat The Beast in the second round by way of Armbar! ¬†It wasn’t until after the fight, that we were told it wasn’t for the Title. ¬†I’m going to have to do some research on this to find out why, I’ll keep you posted in the comments about what I find out.

Time for the Main Event – Dan Head (TUF 12 Vet) vs Ryan “Tank Engine” Thomas (Bellator and UFC Vet).

These are two great fighters. ¬†Ryan landed a kick right off the bat, but nothing damaging. ¬†After all, Coach Dan got kicked by Shaw Bradbury at the start of their fight, that kick was brutal but it didn’t stop Dan. ¬†From there they clinched and Dan had double unders. ¬†Dan got the trip and they went to the ground. ¬†Everything was looking good, but The Tank Engine has great triangles and was able to lock one down on Dan. ¬†It was a great fight, and Ryan is always a class act. ¬†Both of these fighters are destine for big things.

We want to thank everyone for coming out and supporting our guys.  I wish I would have counted how many people were there supporting Team James Clingerman.  It was a great night!

Thanks again to Mark Slater and Colosseum Combat!