IBJJA’s Coaches Challenge

What is the IBJJA’s Coaches Challenge?

The IBJJA’s Coaches Challenge will consist of at least one seminar per month done by a different IBJJA Coach each time, on any subject they want.  It’s only $20 per person for the 90 minute seminar and you get to bring a friend for free!  (Or if you were smart, you would bring a friend and split the cost 😉  It is each coaches responsibility to come up with a subject, create the curriculum for the seminar and to get the word out and fill the seminar with people!  The coach that gets the most people to their seminar will get a flat screen tv at the end of the year!

On Saturday we had our first seminar in the IBJJA’s Coaches Challenge Series.

Cory Mahon kicked off the IBJJA’s Coaches Challenge with a Lose Your Love Handles for Valentine’s Day Seminar.  It was a great seminar.  Cory is in great shape, so when he showed the workout that he does to stay in shape, everyone was super excited to learn.

As an added bonus, after the seminar, Cory gave everyone sheets to take home so that they wouldn’t forget this great workout!  And it was all stuff that they could do at home on their own.  Of course, not everyone can push themselves like Cory, so Cory does offer private lessons/training sessions.  Feel free to call us at 317-946-9447 for more information.  Or you can check us out by clicking here.

Want to attend an IBJJA’s Coaches Challenge Seminar?

Well, the next one is March 12th from 12:00-1:30 and is on Secret Moves from Deep Half Guard!  Again, it’s only $20 and you can bring a friend for free!!!

If you have any questions about the IBJJA’s Coaches Challenge Seminars, give us a call or leave a comment here.