Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Kid's class with Black Belt James Clingerman and Christine Ramion, Greenwood, Indiana

Kids Mixed Martial Arts in Indianapolis Indiana!

Fight Hub Headquarters is the ONLY place for Kids Mixed Martial Arts in Indianapolis!

The popularity of Martial Arts will never diminish, may be it will change some of its form in the coming times. The Traditional Martial Arts have paved way for Mixed Martial Art and the kids are the most fascinated lot. After watching The Karate Kid, many kids have started dreaming to be one! Believe me there is nothing wrong in it and as a parent you should encourage the kid to be a martial artist. There are many benefits for kids’ training in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

The Fight Hub HQ is the ONLY Academy in Central Indiana to offer Kids Mixed Martial Arts classes.

Purple Belt World Champion in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu teaches kids class in Greenwood Indiana.

Some of the benefits of kids mixed martial arts in Indianapolis at the Fight Hub HQ include:

  • Molding one’s character: The Mixed Martial Arts trains the learner to be humble, patient and hardworking. They can’t learn the techniques of Mixed Martial Arts unless they possess or develop these qualities. Once learned, these moral qualities would remain with the kid forever and thus mold his character in a better way.
  • Teaching self defense: There are many cases of bullying and even rage in school and classrooms. Kids Mixed Martial Arts help them become adept in self defense which help them against bullying and may be any attack. These arts teach them to defeat the attacker without using any weapon.
  • Improving self confidence: The self confidence of the kids is boosted when they learn Mixed Martial Arts. Especially the shy and less active children are highly benefited by learning MMA. They start taking part in the group activities and recitations. This makes them popular in the school. The MMA training also make them natural leaders and they have a fan following them.
  • Utilizing free time in a better way: The kids are able to utilize their free time gainfully by joining a Mixed Martial Arts academy. It also improves their gregariousness and friendship. The kids who were aloof before joining MMA training instantly became more involved in group activities.
  • Helping children with ADD: As kids Mixed Martial Arts classes have a structured training program, the kids with attention deficit disorder (ADD), hyperactivity and learning difficulties are highly benefited.

For your kids Mixed Martial Arts, the best Academy in Indiana is Fight Hub Headquarters in Greenwood

Here we have

  • Good instructors
  • Safety and space
  • Very affordable fees
  • Flexible schedules.

We also have an online training website to teach kids Mixed Martial Arts in Indianapolis and all over the world.