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How you can learn some of the most realistic Striking techniques in the world, right here in Central Indiana! Our Kickboxing in Greenwood Indiana is one of the best programs anywhere.

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I consider myself a grappler, but I always get in several hours a week boxing at the Fight Hub HQ. Even if I’m not knocking guys out, I want to avoid getting KO’d myself! That would suck! The thought of waking up with thousands of people staring at you is terrifying, to me.If you are in Franklin, Greenwood, or anywhere in Central Indiana, you should be training at the Fight Hub HQ! Unless, you are one of my opponents, then stay the hell away!

– Sean McCorkle-UFC Heavyweight Fighter Internet Sensation



85% of Fight Hub HQ’s students have NEVER trained in Boxing, Muay Thai, or any form of striking!

Anyone regardless of experience (or lack of) can attain great success in our Kickboxing program!

Whether you are like 85% of our students or a Pro MMA or Muay Thai fighter, the Fight Hub HQ can help you streamline your training.

LEARN SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE, and most importantly REALISTIC SELF-DEFENSE techniques.

REAL Kickboxing in Greenwood Indiana!

EVERY technique we teach is geared toward combat! These are the techniques that modern day Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts fighters are training.

The very same guys who get PAID TO BEAT PEOPLE UP.

These techniques HAVE TO WORK for them. Their livelihood depends on it. If the moves work against TRAINED FIGHTERS, they will destroy any average street punk.

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Striking is one of the three major components that make up Mixed Martial Arts or Cagefighting.

Even if your takedowns and ground game are excellent, you still NEED to know how to effectively strike. Without a GREAT STRIKING GAME, you have limited your chance of success by 33%! Statistically, that means you lose AT LEAST 1 out of every 3 fights.


Our program for Kickboxing in Greenwood will show you many of the same techniques that TOP LEVEL Fighters like Frankie Edgar, BJ Penn, and Georges St. Pierre use to dismantle their opponents.

Get in the BEST SHAPE of your life!

AWESOME! There are so many great people to work out with! I always pick up little details to help me knock people out! I always get a great workout that forces me to stay sharp. I would recommend the Fight Hub Headquarters to anyone!

– Nick Hyde – Undefeated MMA/Muay Thai fighter

Kickboxing is one of the BEST WORKOUTS you can do. On average a good kickboxing class can burn up to 800 CALORIES IN 1 HOUR!!!!! 800!?!?!?! Let me add a few more exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not excited about 800 calories? Either you don’t understand or you don’t need to burn them.

Let’s address those issues:


How about 2 hours? How about longer? You would need to run at a pace of 6 miles per hour for over 2 hours to get the same calorie burning results as 1 hour of Kickboxing! NO THANK YOU!


Not interested in calories? Well, kickboxing is a great way to shape and tone your body! You will become MORE POWERFUL, MORE FLEXIBLE, and be confident in the way you look!

Other than keeping your body fit, kickboxing also has other benefits. A good striking program can reduce and relieve stress, improve balance, flexibility, coordination, and endurance.

When I first started classes at Fight Hub Headquarters, I figured I already knew it all from my previous training & thought the classes would be easy. I was beyond wrong & humbled within the first ten minutes of class. The Coaches take the time to explain the techniques & why they’re important which helps me visualize when to use them. I know everything has a purpose & I feel myself growing stronger & more confident after every class.

– Nikki Parks – Personal Trainer

Indiana Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy is Fight Hub HeadQuarters, Indiana’s longest running Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu/Mixed Martial Arts Academy. We offer the Top Level program for Kickboxing in Greenwood, Indiana!If you are looking for the MOST EFFECTIVE striking techniques taught ANYWHERE, look no further than the Fight Hub Headquarters in Greenwood, Indiana. We have been teaching effective Muay Thai, Thai-Kickboxing classes for over 11 years in Central Indiana.

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